Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fake Lashes

My new fascination right now is about wearing fake lashes. I love the effect it adds to my face whenever I'm using fake lashes. It may also be one of Katy Perry's influence on me that made me love wearing them. Here are my newly bought lashes last week. I bought them for only 50php. It's original price is 20php each but I bought 3pcs so I got them for 3pcs/50php. :)

There's an eyelash glue included in each package. It's so easy to use! :)
You can also cut each lash into two so you can just put them at the edge of your eyes. It's disposable but you can still reuse them as long as they're still good as new.

Etude House Dear My Lippies

It's been a long time since I made my last post here in my travel/fashion blog. And this post I'm going to write about is a beauty review of Etude House's Dear My lippies. Btw, Happy Halloween to all my readers!!! Have a spooky one! :-)

So, all of my friends are aware that I am fond of lipsticks and make up. I almost tried all brands and I usually use red and pink tints. Recently, I tried using Etude House's lippy products and I'm amazed of its quality. It's long-lasting and it actually smells good. I bought item code: PK006 which is so pink-ish. It's glossy and smooth. I recommend this product to all my fellow lippies-addict. If you also love pink shades, try PK006. :-)

Etude House Dear My PK006 application sample

I also like the packaging. You'll be more excited to use it when you see it. There are lots of available shades available. To see more shades and colors, just visit an Etude House Outlet near you. Btw, Etude House can now be found at SM Department Stores. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012



My First Pair of Converse

I've always wanted to own a pair of converse ever since I was young so I bought a pair before our trip to Bangkok. I need a comfy shoes since I knew we will be walking a lot. And I'm very satisfied with the its quality.

Converse Slim :)

Etude House's Bubble Dye

Out of curiosity, I purchased Etude House's Bubble Hair Coloring product. It's easy to use but since it's my first time to use it, the result wasn't the one I expected. It's as easy as shampooing your hair! :-)

All you have to do is to follow the instructions inside the box. The only thing I didn't do was to consume everything that maybe caused the dye to be ineffective to my hair. 

Mocha Pink :)